Coronavirus: Italy overtakes China for the number of dead

Coronavirus: l’Italie dépasse la Chine pour le nombre de morts

PARIS | Italy has become on Thursday the country the more grief-stricken in the world by the new coronavirus, ahead of China, and the united nations has estimated that “millions” of lives could be lost for lack of solidarity with the poor countries.

Small glimmer of hope: the american president, Donald Trump has promised an appeal imminent of chloroquine, an antimalarial drug, as a possible treatment for the patients of the Covid-19. An optimism that immediately tempered the health authorities.

The virus, the true ” enemy of humanity “, according to the world health Organization (WHO), has already infected more than 240,000 people worldwide and killed more than 9 800.

And balances are on the rise: over the past 24 hours, 427 patients have died in Italy, 169 in Spain, 149 in Iran, 108 in France… pushing the authorities to strengthen the measures of containment, the risk to weigh a little more on the economy and the morale of the people.

Beyond the drama of health, the new coronavirus is more likely to plunge the world into recession, despite the billions of dollars made available in emergency in the United States and Europe.

“The future” of Europe

The old continent, which has passed on Thursday the bar of the 100,000 cases reported, today is the most affected.

His “political future” is at stake, warned the French minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire, and its economy will contract significantly, ” according to the european central Bank (ECB).

A week after the beginning of the containment of widespread population, in Italy there are 3 405 deaths, the highest number in the world, and the peak of the pandemic does not seem to reached.

The past 48 hours, the peninsula has recorded a number of deaths daily in excess of that recorded at the peak of the disease in Wuhan city, the cradle of chinese of the epidemic.

China, where 3 245 people have died, reported Thursday no new contamination of local origin, for the first time since the epidemic began in December in this country. But 34 “imported” polio cases have been counted.

Iran, the third country most affected in number of deaths, with 1 284 victims, is considering more stringent measures to limit contamination. In the meantime, nearly 10,000 inmates will be pardoned, in order to reduce the pressure on prisons.

In Spain, which deplores 767 dead, authorities have ordered the closure of all the hotels on the territory.

No part of the world is spared: the coronavirus has made the first death in sub-saharan Africa, Burkina Faso, Russia, and the first case in Fiji, Niger and Haiti.

Half of the students

To attempt to limit the spread of the virus, the restrictions on the freedom of movement is increasing and more than half a billion people in the world are called by their authorities to be confined to the home.

According to UNESCO, the institutions of nearly half of the students in the world are closed. The british school will join them Friday.

Brazil was closed on Thursday for 15 days, all its land borders, except Uruguay. And the city of Rio de Janeiro will close its famous beaches and restaurants.

The United States, which have passed the cap of 10,000 cases, have urged Americans not to travel abroad.

The concern is that in the poorest countries, where the containment will be impossible, such as in the huge slums of asia. In addition, three billion people do not even have the weapons of the most basic against viruses, running water and soap, alarmed experts of the united nations.

“Millions” of lives are at stake if the world is not solidarity, including vis-à-vis the less-wealthy countries, warned on Thursday the secretary general of the UN Antonio Guterres.

Multinational of the pharmaceutical industry pledged on Thursday to provide a vaccine against the disease Covid-19, accessible ” everywhere in the world “, in a period of 12 to 18 months.

For his part, Donald Trump has welcomed the results “encouraging,” the antimalarial drug chloroquine to treat the sick, promising that it would soon be available. The health authorities have stated that they would check first that it is ” safe and effective “.

The american president, who has used a tone belligerent towards the chinese officials, has cancelled the G7 summit to be held in June at Camp David. The leaders of the seven countries concerned shall exchange in place by videoconference.

An eerie silence

Fear of contagion, anxiety related to isolation: the epidemic and the containment is also likely to leave traces psychic among the most fragile.

“The only thing that I dread, is the silence! “says the Rome-Roberto Fichera, dashing octogenarian. “We don’t hear a noise, not a car, the streets are empty… When we go out walking and you hear steps behind you, you almost be afraid “.

The containment measures in Italy will be yet “extended maturity” of April 3, according to the authorities, who are also looking to ban outdoor activities such as jogging or cycling.

In France also, an extension of the confinement beyond the 15 day time frame will be ” probably necessary “, according to the authorities.

One of the last windows to close the Cannes Festival, a rendezvous of dreams and seduction, will not take place in may as planned.

In anticipation of a fight, “marathon” against the coronavirus and the exhaustion of the military, Germany will mobilize its reservists.

Millions of jobs

Up to 25 million jobs are at risk across the world, in the absence of a coordinated response at the international level, warned the international labour Organization

Tens of thousands of people have been dismissed because of the epidemic in the United States, where the number of jobseekers is the highest since September 2017.

Airlines, hit hard, are in need of emergency assistance of up to $ 200 billion (185 billion euros), said the international air transport Association (Iata). And tourism in Italy is a risk of decline of a half-century, according to operators.

New economic measures were announced to help States, workers, and businesses.

The european central Bank has made € 750 billion for buyouts of private and public debt.

Donald Trump has enacted an assistance plan of $ 100 billion to the affected workers, and negotiations are ongoing for a recovery plan could be around 1 000 billion.

After heavy losses on Wednesday, the european stock Exchanges and Wall Street have known a day of fluctuating before we finish up, ragaillardies by medical indications of Donald Trump.


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