Coronavirus : more than 20 000 deaths in the Middle East

Coronavirus : plus de 20 000 décès au Moyen-Orient

PARIS | The pandemic of novel coronavirus has been more than 20, 000 deaths in the Middle East, of which more than half of them in Iran, according to a report drawn up by AFP from official sources Sunday.

With a total of 20 005 the dead (for 907 736 cases), the Middle East, however, remains an area relatively untouched by the pandemic COVID-19, which has killed at least 565 166 people in the world.

Iran, a country of over 80 million inhabitants, is the most affected region with more than 12 829 deaths recorded for 257 303 cases, according to official figures passed on Sunday.

The country most hurt by the Near and Middle East, Iran also occupies the 9th rank in terms of the number of deaths linked to the virus. The latter is progressing in the country since the beginning of the month of may.

On Thursday, the iranian authorities have announced a new record with 221 new deaths in 24 hours.

Iraq (3055 death, 75 194 cases in total), saudi Arabia (2181 deaths, 229 480 cases), Yemen (464 deaths, 1380 cases) and Kuwait (386 deaths, 54 058 cases) are the other countries most affected by the disease COVID-19 in the Middle East.

If one compares the number of deaths relative to the population, Iran recorded 153 deaths per million inhabitants, ranked 25th in the world, ahead of Kuwait (90), Iraq (76) and saudi Arabia (63).

The average for the region is approximately 43 deaths per million inhabitants, according to a count AFP, whereas the world average is around 70 deaths per million inhabitants.

The dead in the Middle East represent only about 3.5 % of the deaths due to the COVID-19 registered in the world, far behind Europe (over a third), the United States and Canada (25 %), and Latin America and the Caribbean (25 %).

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