Coronavirus: more than 5000 flight attendants of Air Canada laid off

Coronavirus: plus de 5000 agents de bord d'Air Canada mis à pied

More than half of the flight attendants of Air Canada, will be temporarily placed at the door, said Friday their union.

According to the canadian Union of public employees (CUPE), 3600 people working for Air Canada and 1549 people Air Canada Rouge will receive their notice of dismissal within the next 48 hours, 5148 people in total.

“This is unprecedented, and this is not something that we want to pass through, said members of the leadership of the union in a joint statement, according to Global News. The reality is there and we work tirelessly to ensure you will be represented.”

Air Canada had announced on Wednesday that it “would suspend gradually,” the majority of its international flights by the end of march, while the countries of the world closed its borders to international travellers in order to limit the spread of the COVID-19.

“This is the most difficult period we have ever known as flight attendants, said, by way of a press release Wesley Lesosky, president of the component of the Air Canada and CUPE. Our members are in the frontline of this crisis since the first day, and it was a difficult experience since. Our thoughts go out to all our members, especially to those who have fallen ill by their work.”

The airline will serve thirteen u.s. airports up to the month of April, while six international destinations will be maintained to allow the repatriation of canadian citizens in Canada. Domestic travel will also be reduced from 62 airports served 40.

According to CUPE, these reductions, according to the union, removes more than 80 % of Air Canada flights, then that Red will be fully nailed to the ground, with “no hour of flight time for the month of April 2020”.

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