Coronavirus: nearly 1,400 dead in China, including six members of the nursing staff

Coronavirus: près de 1400 morts en Chine, dont six membres du personnel soignant

Beijing | The balance sheet of the outbreak of the new coronavirus was approaching Friday, the 1,400 deaths in China, where the authorities have revealed that six members of the nursing staff had died, highlighting the risks that they face in hospitals overwhelmed.

Nearly 64 000 cases of contamination have now been registered in the country, including at least 1716 among doctors and nurses working in contact with patients, according to the national Board of health, which acts as a ministry.

The vast majority (1102) of these infections in the hospital environment have been in the city of Wuhan (center), chief town of the province of Hubei, the cradle of this epidemic of viral pneumonia Covid-19.

This announcement comes a week after the death, due to the virus, a doctor who had tried to alert the authorities, but had been reprimanded by the police. His death had sparked anger on the social networks.

Due to an influx of patients in hospitals of Hubei and a shortage of supplies of protection (masks, suits), a part of the caregiver finds herself at the mercy of contamination by the virus.

At the national level, the national Commission of health reported Friday of 121 new deaths in the country during the past 24 hours, bringing now the total to 1380 dead.

“Without delay”

China to focus 99.9% of the reported deaths in the world due to the coronavirus. Until now, only Japan and the Philippines, were reported by each of the dead on their territory.

After initially praised Beijing for its “very professional work” in the face of the epidemic, the White House has taken ostensibly distances himself Thursday.

“We are a little disappointed at the lack of transparency on the part of the Chinese”, was sorry in front of the press Larry Kudlow, the chief economic adviser to the president, Donald Trump.

He expressed particular regret that Beijing has declined the proposals insistent of Washington to send american experts in China: the chinese authorities “don’t let us go there,” said Mr. Kudlow.

Questioned on the subject, a spokesperson for the chinese ministry of foreign Affairs, Geng Shuang, stressed on Friday that Beijing was proof of “transparency” with the international community since the beginning of the epidemic.

“China has always considered cooperation with the United States in a positive way and open it,” he said, adding that the health services of the two countries have maintained since the beginning of the health crisis, a close communication and exchanged “without waiting for” their information.

Radio pulmonary

These critical u.s. come at a time when health authorities in Hubei have announced Thursday, to the general surprise, a widening of their definition of people with viral pneumonia Covid-19.

So far, a screening test was necessary to declare a case “confirmed”. From now on, patients with ” clinically diagnosed “, in particular with a simple radio lung, will also be recognized.

This new method has automatically inflated the number of deaths and of people officially infected with the announcement Thursday of a surge of more than 15, 000 new cases of contamination, and Friday, more than 5,000.

These figures depict a situation more serious than reported so far, but “do(es) not represent a significant change in the trajectory of the epidemic”, has tempered the head of the department of health emergency of the world health Organization (WHO), Michael Ryan.

With this new method, the authorities in the Hubei intend to especially benefit the more quickly to patients suspected of a treatment – a solution that has received the approval of the WHO.

The city of Wuhan, which appeared in December of the new coronavirus, and the surrounding province of Hubei were Friday, cut off from the world for more than three weeks through a strict cordon sanitaire.

The two leaders of the chinese communist Party (CCP) for the Hubei and Wuhan, being castigated by the public for their management of the crisis, were dismissed Thursday.




Elsewhere in the world, the epidemic of Covid-19 keeps the authorities on the alert, with more than 500 confirmed cases of contamination in some twenty States.

In Vietnam, the common of Its Loï (10 000 inhabitants) near Hanoi has been placed in quarantine for 20 days after the discovery of six cases of the novel coronavirus. This is the first such measure in the country.

But the main focus of infection outside of China continued to be the luxury cruise liner Diamond Princess, still under quarantine in Japan near Yokohama: 218 cases of contamination have been confirmed, do nt 44 new cases announced Thursday.

Conversely, hundreds of passengers of a ship american cruise, the Westerdam, were able to disembark on Friday in Cambodia: the boat had wandered at sea for more than ten days, five asian ports forbidding him to come ashore for fear of the coronavirus.

In France, 181 first returnees of Wuhan have left Friday a holiday centre near Marseille (south), where they were confined for 14 days.

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