Coronavirus : new Saturday to protests against the restrictions in Germany

Coronavirus : nouveau samedi de manifestations contre les restrictions en Allemagne

Dozens of protests were held across Germany on Saturday as part of a protest movement, targeting restrictive measures against the coronavirus, which is gaining momentum in the country.

“Freedom of thought “, ” Don’t touch the Constitution “… These gatherings have been held since the beginning of April, each Saturday, to the initial call of a collective hodgepodge called ” democratic Resistance “.

It sees the containment measures decided by the government in the fight against the pandemic since march, the beginning of authoritarian rule or an unlawful interference with the freedom of the individual.

“This containment was totally unnecessary,” growls Kathrin, a woman protester in berlin 42 years of age, participating in music, in a gathering of a hundred people in front of the city hall of the German capital.

“I don’t understand why we can not return now to normality. The coronavirus has killed a lot less than the flu these last few years, ” commented Moritz another participant in berlin 28-year-old.

These events bring together a diverse mix, made up of activists, extremists, conspiracy theorists, and people sincerely worried about the limitation of public freedoms.

In the German capital, close to 30 rallies were recorded, as well as counter-demonstrations, said a spokesman of the police to the AFP.

Demonstrations have also been held throughout the country, including in Nuremberg, Munich and Stuttgart, without, however, gather as much as the last few weeks, especially because of the bad weather.

In Hamburg, 750 people have expressed, while a counter-unauthorized gathering of 120 people was dispersed by police with water cannons, said a spokesman of the police to the AFP.

The police undertook in the whole of Germany to several arrests, including one of the leading figures of the movement, the militant vegan Attila Hildmann, who was taking part in an unauthorized demonstration of about a hundred people in Berlin, according to the German newspaper ” Der Spiegel “.

Particularly targeted by the protesters, the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, assured Saturday that the restrictions against the coronavirus had been ” necessary “, as the country loosens gradually these measures since the beginning of may.

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