HEALTH The World Health Organization also considers that there are no indications at this stage , that the new variant causes more severe forms of Covid-19

 Coronavirus: No reason to doubt the effectiveness of the Omicron variant vaccines, according to the & rsquo; WHO

Researchers at the University of Hong Kong have successfully isolated the Omicron variant of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus from clinical samples. – Newscom/EPN/Newscom/SIPA

A more contagious variant, but not more dangerous, against which vaccines remain effective & nbsp;? & Nbsp; It is still too early to be certain, but the first elements seem to indicate that the planet ne is not going through the dreaded catastrophe scenario. with Omicron.

& ldquo; There is no reason to doubt & rsquo; the fact that current vaccines protect patients infected with Omicron against severe forms of Covid-19, estimated; On Tuesday, Michael Ryan, WHO & rsquo; s emergency officer, in an interview with AFP.

& ldquo; We have very effective vaccines that have been shown to be effective. their power against all variants until & rsquo; present, in terms of safety illness and hospitalization, and there is no reason to believe that this would not be the case & nbsp; & rsquo; with Omicron, explained & oacute; Dr. Ryan, while stressing that this was at the very beginning of the studies of a variant detected. only on November 24 and which has since been spotted in around 40 countries.

Encouraging & ldquo; & nbsp; & raquo; signals, according to Dr Fauci

According to Michael Ryan, there are also no indications, & agrave; At this stage, Omicron causes more severe forms of Covid-19. His words do & oacute; chos & agrave; those of Dr Anthony Fauci, White House adviser on the health crisis. & ldquo; Clearly, in South Africa Omicron is spreading more, & rdquo; begins Dr Anthony Fauci, White House adviser on the health crisis, in an interview & agrave; CNN this Sunday, with reference to the & ldquo; & nbsp; vertical & nbsp; & raquo; the number of new cases in that country. & ldb; But so far, even though it's too early to draw any final conclusions, it doesn't look like it presents a high degree of gravity, he said. & ldquo; So far, the signals regarding gravity are a little encouraging, & rdquo; he replied.

In the field, several South African hospitals have indicated that many patients positive for the Omicron variant did not appear to have any more serious symptoms. But in a very young country, with a median age of 26.4 years, it is not excluded that serious cases will emerge in the coming weeks.