Coronavirus: record daily the dead in Russia but the number of patients decrease

Coronavirus: record quotidien de morts en Russie mais le nombre de malades baisse

MOSCOW | Russia announced on Wednesday having recorded 135 deaths from novel coronavirus in 24 hours, a record, but for the first time the number of patients has declined in the country, according to official data.

In total 2 972 people died on the 308 705 cases detected in Russia since the beginning of the epidemic.

The situation, however, seems to be stabilizing, according to the authorities, who for the first time reported a decline in the number of patients (-633), with 220 341 patients, compared to 220 974 the day before. In total, the number of people considered as cured 85 392.

With 8 764 new cases registered in 24 hours, Russia recorded its lowest daily total since the beginning of the month of may.

The Russian authorities underscore for several days as the recession begins on the front of the coronavirus in the country. Prime minister Mikhail Michoustine, himself back at the helm after three weeks of convalescence due to the virus, had announced on Monday that Russia had “stopped the growth of infections.

With 308 705 ill, Russia remains the second country in the world in number of infections, behind the U.s. and ahead of Brazil, where the epidemic is rapidly increasing.

Critics, however, doubt the reality of the mortality rate, low compared to western Europe or the United States, accusing Russia of under-evaluate the number of dead.

The authorities rejected these accusations, stating not identify deaths whose primary cause is the coronavirus, when other countries include in this report, almost all of the deaths of patients tested positive.

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