Coronavirus: record increase of 1 160 cases in South Africa

Coronavirus: augmentation record de 1 160 cas en Afrique du Sud

JOHANNESBURG | South Africa announced on Sunday 1 160 new cases of infection with the coronavirus, the balance sheet daily-the highest since the record of the first case in march, according to the ministry of Health.

In total, the country has recorded 15 515 cases of Covid-19. The tourist province of the Western Cape has close to 60% of cases. Three additional deaths were reported, bringing the total to 263 dead.

The economy is the most industrialized of Africa has the largest number of cases among the countries of the continent, followed by Egypt (11 719 cases, including 612 dead).

The population of South Africa is confined to since the 27th of march.

The government has launched a strategy of testing massive, which involved 460 873 people up here.

But some health experts have pointed to the limitations of this testing strategy massive, because the results take up to two weeks to arrive as opposed to three days previously.

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