Coronavirus: Russia exceeds the 4000 dead

Coronavirus: la Russie dépasse les 4000 morts

MOSCOW | Russia has spent Thursday, the bar of 4,000 people who have died of the coronavirus, with 174 people dead over the past 24 hours, according to the latest official figures, which show a decline in new infections.

The number of deaths in Russia amounted to 4 142 people, for a total of 379 051 cases of coronavirus confirmed, of which 150 993 healings.

The epicenter of the epidemic, the capital city of Moscow accounting for nearly half of the contamination, with 173 of 497 cases and 2 254 dead.

The number of new infections is continuing nevertheless a gradual decline, with 8 371 new cases during the past 24 hours.

The beginning of may, Russia had known of the levels above the daily 10, 000 new cases.

Highlighting the slowdown of the epidemic, the authorities of Moscow announced on Wednesday that the lifting on June 1 of several restrictions imposed for two months, allowing for example the re-opening of some shops and, under condition, the outputs in a walk.

These last will be able to return, but in a controlled way: hours and days will be permitted for each building in moscow.

In other regions, the situation is variable, with some having started a déconfinement careful after may 12.

Russian president Vladimir Putin welcomed the situation, stating that if the epidemic has been curbed, it is because “we have acted proactively”.

The Russian authorities explain the low mortality rates in Russia compared to western Europe through measures taken at an early stage, a policy of mass screening of the population and a rapid restructuring of the hospital system.

Critics, however, have questioned the sincerity of the official figures, accusing Moscow of deliberately underestimating the number of dead from the COVID-19, what the authorities suggest otherwise.

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