Coronavirus: Russia has once again recorded more than 10,000 cases daily

Coronavirus: La Russie enregistre à nouveau plus de 10 000 cas quotidiens

MOSCOW | Russia reported Friday for the 6th consecutive day over 10,000 infections with the coronavirus, of which more than half in the capital Moscow, where the containment has been extended until may 31.

The country there are now 187 859 cases, of which 10 699 identified the past 24 hours, according to the authorities, which makes Russia the 5th in the world in terms of contamination.

Statistically, the number of deaths remains low with 1723 deaths, including 98 in the past 24 hours.

The Russian prime minister Mikhail Michoustine, who was hospitalized after the announcement of the 30 April to be positive for the coronavirus, is appearing for the first time on tv since the announcement.

He has conducted with ministers with a video conference devoted to the social and economic support of veterans of the Second world War, which the world commemorates the end in Europe.

According to the public media, the head of the Russian government continues to follow a treatment at the hospital. He did not refer to his state of health, while a few days earlier Vladimir Putin had indicated that it would be better.

Moscow, which has extended the containment of its population until 31 may, is by far the main focus of the epidemic in Russia with 5846 new cases Friday, for a total of 98 522, or more than half of the total.

The surge in the number of cases for a week is explained, provide the authorities, by the multiplication of the tests carried out – of 4.98 million according to the counting of Friday – and not by an acceleration of the spread.

The objective of this screening policy is to hunt down cases asymptomatic or mild COVID-19, who are not necessarily recognized in other countries because of lack of access to tests, and then quarantine these patients, controlling the spread of the virus and avoid a second epidemic wave.

This approach also explains in part the mortality rate is low compared to the number of cases, say the authorities.

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