Coronavirus: Russia sends a plane load of humanitarian aid to the USA

Coronavirus: la Russie envoie un avion chargé d'aide humanitaire aux USA

MOSCOW | Russia announced on Wednesday that it had sent a plane load of humanitarian aid in the United States, hard hit by the pandemic, related to the new coronavirus that has claimed more than 4000 dead.

An Antonov-124 of the Russian air force, “with its edge of medical masks and medical equipment, is party to the United States,” said the Russian Defence ministry in a press release.

According to the spokesperson for the Kremlin, Dmitri Peskov, this assistance has been raised during the telephone conversation on Monday between Russian president Vladimir Putin and his us counterpart, Donald Trump.

“Today, when the situation affects everyone, without exception, and becomes global, there is no alternative to the actions in the spirit of partnership and mutual assistance”, said Mr Peskov on Tuesday night to news agencies in russia.

Russia has already sent last week several planes with virologists, medical equipment, laboratories and disinfection systems mobile in Italy, where the COVID-19 took more than 12 400 people.

In the United States, approximately 186, 000 cases of infection by the coronavirus have been officially reported to date and a total of 4076 deaths were identified on Wednesday.

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