Coronavirus : Spain pass the bar of 2000 dead, and 462 more in 24 hours

Coronavirus : l’Espagne passe la barre des 2000 morts, 462 de plus en 24 heures

MADRID | Spain recorded a total of 462 people dead in 24 hours due to the pandemic coronavirus, bringing the total number of deaths in 2182, according to the new balance sheet Monday, of the authorities.

The number of deaths has been multiplied by more than two in three days in the second the most affected country in Europe by the Covid-19 after Italy.

The number of confirmed cases has exceeded the 30 000 33 089 28 572 Sunday, as the country has increased its testing capacity.

According to these figures from the ministry of Health, 3355 people have been cured of the disease, whereas 2355 are in intensive care.

The Madrid region is the most affected with more than 10 000 cases and over 1200 deaths.

In order to try to curb the spread of the pandemic, the government of Pedro Sanchez proclaimed on march 14, the state of alert, which allowed him to enact the containment quasi-total of the population that it wants to extend until April 11.

The 46 million Spaniards can’t get out of the house, individually and by keeping their distances, to purchase necessities, get to work when telecommuting is not possible, or leave a brief description of their dog.

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