Coronavirus: the chinese laboratory pointed the finger denies any responsibility

Coronavirus: le laboratoire chinois pointé du doigt nie toute responsabilité

The director of the laboratory pointed out by the american media as a possible source of the new coronavirus has categorically denied Saturday any responsibility.

“It is impossible for this virus to vienna with us,” said in an interview on the channel state CGTN, Yuan Zhiming, director of the Institute of virology of Wuhan, a city at the epicentre of the pandemic.

According to most scientists, the new coronavirus was probably transmitted to humans by an animal. A market of Wuhan city, was jailed because he would have sold the animals live wild.

But the presence a few kilometres away from the Institute of virology feeds for months the assumptions of a leak from these sensitive installations.

“We know clearly what types of research are carried out at the institute and how are managed and virus samples,” added the director of this institute with a laboratory P4, the installation of very high security, which houses the stem of the most dangerous virus known as Ebola.

Not the mere location of the institute in Wuhan, ” people can not help but make associations “, he regretted, accusing media “are trying deliberately to mislead the people “with information” based entirely on speculation “, without ” evidence “.

According to the Washington Post, the U.s. embassy in Beijing, after several visits to the institute, alerted by 2018 the u.s. authorities on security measures apparently insufficient in a lab that was studying the coronavirus from bats.

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