Coronavirus: the continued confinement until may 3 in Italy

Coronavirus: le confinement prolongé jusqu’au 3 mai en Italie

The Italian government has extended on Friday until may 3, the confinement and the brutal economic slowdown imposed for a month in the country to try to stem the pandemic of sars coronavirus.

“We extend the restrictive measures until may 3, a difficult but necessary decision which I assume full political responsibility “, said the prime minister, Giuseppe Conte during an official speech.

Since a few days, Giuseppe Conte is subjected to a double pressure.

Doctors and scientists call not to leave too much land too soon, at risk of raise the pandemic that slows down for a dozen days in the country the more grief-stricken in the world (nearly 19 000 dead), according the results official.

But in the other direction, business and employers warn of the terrible damage imposed to the third european economy, almost at a halt since mid-march.

The measures in force for a month, ” bear fruit, they work “, said to his compatriots, Giuseppe Conte.

“I know we are all looking forward to starting over” and ” I hope that we will be able to do it after the 3 may with caution and in a gradual manner “, he continued.

He added that some additional activities would be allowed to resume on 14 April, citing the libraries, logging, and shops for babies.

But ” we cannot assume that the virus will disappear from our territory “, “we can’t allow a return of the contagion,” explained the responsible.

“If we quit now, we risk losing all these positive effects and having to start again from zero,” he said.

Giuseppe Conte has again expressed his disappointment on the response of the european Union, which has announced a fund of 500 billion euro to meet the economic challenges posed by the pandemic.

“The first estimates we say that it takes 1500 billion euros,” he said. The european decisions “are only a first step which is insufficient,” he said, repeating that he wanted to see the birth of a system of mutualisation of the debt by means of ” coronabonds “.

“The main battle is that of a fund which must be funded by the euro-bonds” and ” must be immediately available.

“We will fight until the end” to get these coronabonds, which are rejected by the northern countries of Europe, including Germany and the netherlands.

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