Coronavirus: the number of patients worries the ARS of Hauts-de-France

    Coronavirus: the number of patients worries the ARS of Hauts-de-France

    The Hauts-de-France Regional Health Agency (ARS) is worried about the health situation in Picardy. In order to anticipate a possible resumption of admissions to Covid-19 during the Christmas holidays, she asked hospitals in the region to maintain at least 600 intensive care beds.

    “The circulation of the virus has not slowed down for several days with a stabilization of incidence rates at a very high level and even a rapid increase in contamination in the Aisne with an incidence rate of nearly 180 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, against a national average of 118 ”, warns the ARS in its press release.

    She adds that hospitalizations are increasing again in all Picardy departments and the number of patients with Covid in intensive care and intensive care is not decreasing in Aisne and Oise.

    Faced with these observations on the health situation, the ARS asked public and private hospitals in the region “not to disarm additional resuscitation beds” after reaching the threshold of around 600 beds, that is to say. say 20% more resuscitation beds than before the coronavirus crisis.

    This number of places in intensive care should make it possible, if necessary, to once again organize patient transfers between establishments in the region. New capacities could also be deployed “in the coming weeks depending on the evolution of the situation”, as had been done in October, warns the agency.

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