Coronavirus: the schools will re-open in North Korea

Coronavirus: les écoles vont rouvrir en Corée du Nord

North Korea will reopen its schools, two months after it was closed as a precautionary measure against the outbreak of coronavirus, reports on Monday, the press in south korea.

Pyongyang has not reported any case of Covid-19, a version of which doubt the experts, even though the virus born in the neighbouring China, has spread to all continents. North Korea has, however, taken drastic measures, closing its borders and imposing a confinement to thousands of people.

The new school semester, due to begin in early April, has been repeatedly postponed, even if some high schools and some universities had been allowed mid-April to accommodate students.

“The new semester will begin in the primary schools, colleges, and high schools will begin in early June, and quarantine measures have been taken to allow the re-opening of nurseries and kindergartens,” reports the south Korean agency Yonhap, citing the state radio of north korea.

“The authorities must put at the disposal of mercury-containing thermometers and disinfectant solutions at the entrance of each school, in classes and offices. The employees of the schools and nurseries have to abide by the rules of the fight against the virus”, she added.

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