Coronavirus : the second aircraft arrived at the base in Trenton

Coronavirus : le deuxième avion est arrivé à la base de Trenton

The second plane chartered by Ottawa carrying the 185 Canadians who were in the region of Wuhan city, the epicenter of the epidemic of the coronavirus, arrived at the base in Trenton in Ontario on Tuesday morning.

Passengers will spend the next two weeks in quarantine in a hotel on the basis of the canadian armed Forces.

Last Friday, Ottawa has repatriated 174 Canadians Wuhan, while 39 others are revenues in a unit chartered by the United States. These people are all in quarantine at the base of the Trenton. They will not have any contact with the Canadians who arrived Tuesday.

The administrative head of the public health agency of Canada, Theresa Tam said Monday evening that the 25 crew members who accompanied these travellers repatriated from China last week do not have to stay in quarantine.

“In my assessment, I took into account relevant factors, such as time spent in the home of the epidemic, the use of personal protective equipment and any contact with a person who has symptoms of the new coronavirus. The result of this evaluation, I have determined that maintaining their own quarantine is not necessary,” she stated through a press.

So far, none of the persons placed in quarantine has contracted the coronavirus.

Up to now in Canada, seven cases of the new coronavirus 2019 (2019-nCoV) have been confirmed, three in Ontario and four in British Columbia.

Eight Canadians who were in the ship “Diamond Princess” in Japan have also been infected. They have been transferred to health facilities in Japan. Approximately 250 Canadians, including Quebecers, were in quarantine on board the cruise ship at Yokohama.

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