Coronavirus: the White House critical of the health authorities to the delays in screening

Coronavirus: la Maison-Blanche critique les autorités sanitaires pour les retards de dépistage

WASHINGTON | An official of the White House has strongly criticized Sunday the Centers for prevention and disease control (CDC) to whom he attributed the initial delays of the United States in terms of screening.

“At the beginning of the crisis, the CDC, who had the expertise most well-respected throughout the world in this area, have really left the countries to fall vis-à-vis the screening,” said the economic advisor of the White House Peter Navarro on NBC.

“Not only have they kept the screening within the administration, but they have also produced a bad test. And it made us late, ” added Mr. Navarro.

The only test used at the beginning of the epidemic was the one developed by the CDC, according to a technology validated by the world health Organization (WHO) and used worldwide. But because of a problem of reagent, the first kits distributed have sometimes produced inconclusive results — neither positive nor negative.

The public laboratories of american States and the private actors did not have the permission to develop and distribute their own tests. They could not act as from the 29th of February, after the announcement of the first deaths due to the coronavirus in the United States who deplore today nearly 90, 000 deaths.

Since then, the country has largely increased its capacity for screening and more than 12 million Americans have been tested. The president, Donald Trump continues to congratulate itself on the path it has taken.

But that accounts for only 4% of the u.s. population, which places the first world power in 39th place, behind Italy, Spain or Russia, according to the site statistics Worldometer.

Critics of the president fear that the detection capacity may not be sufficient to prevent the emergence of a new wave of contamination, at a time when many States are involved in the pathway of the déconfinement.

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