Coronavirus: the White House “disappointed” in the lack of transparency from Beijing

Coronavirus: la Maison-Blanche «déçue» du manque de transparence de Pékin

The White House said on Thursday the lack of transparency from Beijing on the new coronavirus, believing that this made it difficult to analyse the situation and risks.

“We are a little disappointed at the lack of transparency on the part of the Chinese,” said Larry Kudlow, economic adviser to Donald Trump, during an exchange with journalists.

A week ago, the us president, Donald Trump had rented, after a telephone conversation with his counterpart Xi Jinping, “very professional job” of the chinese authorities to address the epidemic that has officially made more than 1300 dead.

“President Xi has assured the president Trump that China was a master of the folder, they would open and they would accept our help,” said Mr. Kudlow, lamenting that this is not the case.

“Is it that the Politburo is really honest with us?”, he said, in a reference to the management organ of the chinese communist Party.

When asked about the impact on the u.s. economy of this epidemic of Covid-19, it was estimated that it would be “minimal” but stressed that it was a factor of”uncertainty”.

“If we do not have good information on the part of China, it is very difficult for us to make a credible assessment”, he insisted.

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