Coronavirus: the WHO urges the governments to “wake up” and to “engage the battle”

Coronavirus: l’OMS exhorte les gouvernements à «se réveiller» et à «engager le combat»

The world Health Organization (WHO) urged on Friday the countries affected by the coronavirus to “wake up” and to ” engage in combat “, because ” the numbers don’t lie “.

“It really is time that the country look at the numbers. Please, do not ignore this as you say the numbers “, said at a press conference the head of the emergency health at the WHO, Michael Ryan. He was asked about the situation in Mexico, but added that his message was addressed to ” many countries “.

“People need to wake up. The numbers don’t lie and the situation on the ground does not lie “, he continued, stressing that ” it is never too late, in an outbreak, take control “.

“WHO understands perfectly well that there are good reasons for countries that want to put their economies on the rails “, he continued.

“But you can’t ignore the problem either, it’s not going to disappear as if by magic “, he said. “We must engage in the fight now. We must stop this virus now “, he insisted.

“Countries are faced with difficult choices “, but ” absolutely need to break the chains of transmission “, including through the use of containment measures “if there is no alternative,” said Mr Ryan.

The pandemic of COVID-19 continues to slow in Europe, but it was in full swing on the american continent.

For the first time since the outbreak of the epidemic in China in December, Latin America has overtaken Friday the Europe in many cases, with more than 2.7 million of patients, even if the Old continent remains the region of the world the most bereaved with nearly 200,000 dead in front of the United States and Canada (137 421) and Latin America (121 662).

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