Coronavirus: two major brazilian media boycotted the press briefings, informal Bolsonaro

Coronavirus: deux grands médias brésiliens boycottent les points de presse informels de Bolsonaro

Brasilia | Two of the main brazilian media announced on Monday that they would cease to cover the press briefings informal that the president Jair Bolsonaro held outside the presidential palace, due to the harassment of his supporters and the lack of security.

The group Globo and the newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo reported that the presidential security did not offer adequate protection to their journalists who were covering the news of the head of State.

The president of the far right, who attack regularly in the media, often stops in front of the palace, Alvorada palace in Brasilia in the morning to greet his supporters and sometimes speaks to the press.

But on several occasions, these informal meetings have been tense.

Bolsonaro is known to have harangué, insulted and made obscene gestures to reporters.

His supporters berate regularly, the journalists, the two groups being separated by a lightweight cord safety.

“Every day, our journalists have been subjected to many insults and cries of the supporters of the president, without any security for them,” said the vice-president of the Group, Globo, Paulo Tonet Camargo, in a letter sent to the minister of national Security, in announcing the decision.

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