Coronavirus vaccination campaign: ask us all your questions

    Coronavirus vaccination campaign: ask us all your questions

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    Faced with criticism, the government promises that the vaccination campaign against the coronavirus, which began on December 27 in France, will accelerate in the coming days. This Tuesday, the Minister of Health Olivier Véran announced the expansion of vaccination to people over 75 years of age who are not resident in nursing homes before the end of January. The vaccine strategy evolves, causing some confusion.

    In addition, according to a recent survey by the BVA institute for the Sunday Journal, less than half of the population intends to be vaccinated, one of the four lowest levels out of 32 countries tested. A large part of the French population is therefore suspicious on the subject.

    Side effects, shortage, vaccine strategy, ask us all your questionson the vaccination campaign, below. We will respond as concretely as possible.

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