Coronavirus: Walmart pays a bonus, and hiring 150 000 people

Coronavirus: Walmart verse des bonus et embauche 150 000 personnes

The chain of distribution u.s. Walmart will pay $ 365 million in bonuses to its employees paid by the hour, as cashiers, and hire 150,000 people to cope with the increased demand during the crisis of the sars coronavirus.

Walmart wants to reward his team for their “hard work” for this “national health crisis is unprecedented,” said the group in a press release Thursday.

The company will give bonuses of $ 300 to its full-time employees and $ 150 to those at half-time. They will also receive other bonuses which would have to be paid later.

While the giant of online commerce Amazon is in the process of recruiting 100,000 people, Walmart is going out of his side to hire 150 000 new people to its stores and distribution centers, and orders.

The measures of restriction of movement and confinement taken in certain metropolitan areas and some u.s. States have led the population to stock up on basic food and ordering more via the internet.

In parallel, many small businesses must close their doors, at least temporarily, and 70 000 people were fired in a single week across the United States, according to the latest data applications for weekly unemployment benefits.

“We know that millions of Americans find themselves temporarily without work and at the same time we face a strong demand in our stores,” said Doug McMillon, CEO of Walmart.

The store chain will also speed up the recruitment process. It will go from 2 weeks to 24 hours for the cashiers.