Coronavirus: which countries are vaccinating as slowly as France?

    Coronavirus: which countries are vaccinating as slowly as France?

    The vaccination campaign began on Sunday, December 27, in France. While the government’s stated goal is to vaccinate one million people by the end of February, to date only a few hundred vaccines have been administered.

    According to data from the CovidTracker site, as of January 1, only 516 people received the first injection of the Pfizer-bioN#Tech vaccine, or 0.0008% of French people. A very modest number compared to other European countries, such as Germany, which has vaccinated more than 238,000 inhabitants.

    While the controversy swells around the slowness of the vaccination campaign, the Head of State assured, during his wishes to the French, on New Year’s Eve, that he would not “leave (…) a unwarranted slowness to take hold ”. However, France is not the only country in this situation.

    Indeed, Belgium, which began its vaccination campaign against Covid-19 on Monday, December 28 in retirement homes in Mons, Brussels and Puers-#Saint-#Amand, on January 2, injected the precious serum close to of 700 people.

    It is certainly more than France, where vaccination has also started the day before, but much less than Luxembourg, which also started the campaign on December 28, and which had already vaccinated 1,200 people on December 30, i.e. in three days.

    On the list of countries showing a delay in vaccination, there is also the Netherlands, which has not even started to vaccinate its population, although the campaign began on December 27. in the European Union (EU). And the Dutch government does not intend to do so before January 8. The Netherlands will therefore be the last EU country to start vaccination.

    “#Of course I would have liked us to be among the first, but we made responsible choices,” said Hugo de Jonge, Minister of Health. The executive said that healthcare workers will be the first to be vaccinated, even if the local scientific council recommended administering the vaccine in priority to the elderly.

    In the world, we can also cite Japan, which will not launch its campaign before the end of February. Relatively spared by the pandemic compared to many other countries, the archipelago has suffered a sharp rise in contamination since November.

    Finally, the United States, the country most affected by the pandemic, began their campaign on December 14, but fell behind on their forecasts. In total, just over 4.2 million people received the first dose of one of two vaccines authorized in the country (Pfizer and Moderna), while the Trump administration had promised 20 million people vaccinated before the end of year 2020.

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