Coroner investigates death in Argyll

The coroner was charged with investigating the death of a resident of Argyll Hospital and Shelter in Sherbrooke.

The CIUSSS de l’Estrie – CHUS said it referred the case to the coroner “by foresight” to confirm that nothing suspicious is associated with the event occurred Monday.

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“Although no evidence of violence was found either in the deceased’s room or body, the presence of another resident in his room a few minutes before the death occurred led to this decision,” explains in a press release.

“The death was confirmed by the doctor on call around 7:10 am on December 4 after the person was found dead around 5:50 am by a nurse. The deceased had a very precarious state of health which foreshadowed a close death. ”

By unveiling this information, the CIUSSS wishes to be transparent.
– The CIUSSS management

A deadly assault on October 3, 2016

This unexplained death at the shelter comes a little over a year after another happened at the same place. Recall that a 74-year-old man was assaulted by another resident on October 3, 2016 at CHSLD Argyll. The victim was sleeping in bed at the time of the assault that caused his death.

Despite repeated requests from several quarters, the conclusions of the investigation conducted for the CIUSSS of Estrie-CHUS by an “ad hoc committee on a sentinel event” was never made public. The management of the health and social services center says it wants to preserve the confidentiality of the information concerning its patients.

To be transparent

With respect to the death of the beginning of this week, it was announced that the family of the deceased resident had been promptly informed of the appeal to the coroner and the circumstances surrounding this decision.

“By unveiling this information, the CIUSSS of Estrie – CHUS wishes to be transparent to the residents of the Argyll Hospital and Shelter and their loved ones as well as to the Sherbrooke population,” it is argued.

“The coroner also contacted the police authorities as a precaution. The CIUSSS of Estrie – CHUS collaborates closely with the investigation. ”

At the Sherbrooke Police Service (SPS), they say they are working with the coroner in his investigation, but it appears that there is nothing criminal about the case at this time.

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