Correspondence dispute, Ukraine’s Prime Minister and U.S. President. Corrupt officials in Ukraine perekvalifitsiruetsya in lobbyists

Заочный спор премьера Украины с президентом США. Коррупционеры на Украине переквалифицируются в лоббистов

© press-service of the President of Ukraine on Friday, 22 November, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Alexey Goncharuk has entered correspondence dispute with the President of the United States Donald trump about corruption in Ukraine. Trying to deny the obvious, the head of the government really hopes to reassure Western investors once again have entrusted their funds to the Ukrainian westerunie the US President saidthat Ukraine is one of the major world leaders by such indicators as corruption.

“Why should we give money to the state, which is known for their corruption? This is a very corrupt country… As you know, it is the third most corrupt country in the world”, — said the President of the United States.

He expressed doubt that it is necessary to allocate significant funds for such a corrupt country.

Response Goncharuk

This clearly hurt the Ukrainian Prime Minister, who is in London for Investment summit of member countries of the Eastern partnership beat out financing from foreign investors. The coincidence in time of tasks Goncharuk and words about Ukraine trump did his mission for the knockout of the West, investment is not feasible.

Therefore, almost simultaneously with the statement of trump Goncharuk on his page in Facebook wrote that corruption at the highest level in Ukraine is completely absent.

“What I can say — today in Ukraine there is absolutely no corruption at the top level. Very soon, I am sure, will not be corruption at all levels,” — said Goncharuk, in absentia thereby denying trump.He clearly needed to reassure the European Bank for reconstruction and development and the European investment Bank, which at the summit in London was allocated a total of €900 million for the reconstruction of Ukrainian roads.

Investment, frankly, is risky because the highway construction is traditionally one of the most corrupt in Ukraine.

Overcame whether Goncharuk corruption in this sphere, at least at the highest level? According to the latest data, much success in this field he has not achieved.

Scandal in the Ministry of infrastructure

Alexander Klitina, Deputy head of the Ministry of infrastructure, which will develop nearly a billion euros from international lenders, recently was the victim of a prankster, the Joker.
He published correspondence with her in which the official has revealed many “secrets of the Madrid court” refuting application of Goncharuk about the victory over corruption.

Among other things she spoke about corruption in the Ministry-controlled “Ukrzaliznytsia” (UZ).

According to her, the head of the Ministry Vladislav Crickley approached a Secretary of the Ministry of Infrastructure Andrew Galushka who helped to plunder a multimillion-dollar Chinese loan for the construction of the railway between the airport Boryspil and Kyiv.

In October 2015 the State fiscal service has published the test results, which showed that tens of million of Chinese loan actually burned or disappeared for doubtful accounts of financial institutions.

“I he (galushchak — Ed.) pushed — doesn’t want me UZ did, there they have something to twist-out with tenders for locomotives, etc. I tried to fight, but the Minister I’m suspended,” — said the Deputy Minister.

She expressed the view that the current Minister is only interested in earnings and extremely low praised his professional skills. The official also said that the Ministry has the puppets of the oligarchs , Rinat Akhmetov and Igor Kolomoisky.

In particular, seaports oversees man Akhmetov Taras Boychuk, and management Kolomoisky traditionally controls certain airports, particularly Boryspil.

“Even a short correspondence Clytini princedom evidence: Ministry of Infrastructure — even those Augean stables, cleaning them can take a long time,” said the author of the George Archers.

Apparently, a very large part of €900 million from European banks will settle the accounts of senior Ukrainian corrupt officials, confirming the views of trump and refuting Goncharuk.

Corruption schemes of the Ministry of defense now in MIA

A few days ago it became known that Netpolice Ukraine will buy more than 6,5 thousand stormy winter jackets for their workers on more than 16 million hryvnias.

Supplier — the company “Primeform” in the case of fraud on a large scale in connection with the supply of socks in the Armed forces of Ukraine (AFU) in 2015.According to investigators, in the result of collusion of employees of the Ministry of defense with the owners of the company by the office was purchased 1.4 million pairs of socks at inflated 2-2. 5 times the prices.

According to the documentation, the Department paid for each pair of 8.94 from UAH to 10.48 UAH, while the real value of socks according to experts was to reach 4.5 UAH for a couple.

As follows from simple calculations, the damage to the state amounted to UAH 7.2 million.

“Primeform” also appears in the criminal proceedings the State Bureau of investigation. Investigators believe that employees of the Ministry of defence has helped several private companies to win tenders to supply the goods at an inflated price.

As a result, the government overpaid the four million. Among these companies is “Primeform”.

Despite the criminal case, the firm continues its successful activities in the implementation of government orders for the Ministry of defense: in 2019, she was entrusted to supply socks to the army in the amount of 11 million hryvnia.

Scandal in Parliament

Corruption is not eradicated not only in the higher echelons of Executive power of Ukraine, but also in the legislative. 22 November actually recognized the head of the faction of the Pro-presidential party “servant of the people” in the Verkhovna Rada (VR) David Arakhamiya.

In the air of the Ukrainian mass media, he said he plans to meet with detectives of the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) and tell them about corruption in Parliament. He did not elaborate on what specifically will be discussed.
Meanwhile, a few days before ugotavljanje excluded from the faction “people’s Servant” MP Anton Polyakov published the portion of the September conversation in his own party with the chief of police in Krivoy Rog. According to records, deputies wanted to establish control over the work of the police.

Known for his work in “95 quarter” Yuri Kravchenko (“Yuzik”) and his colleague, Vladlen Nekludov in the restaurant and talked to the head of the Dnipropetrovsk police Vladimir Overchenko and contender for the post of chief of the police of Krivoi Rog of Sergey Lukashov.

During the conversation, “Yuzik” stated that “public servants” personally to be controlling, what matters and how to behave as police. The deputies repeatedly that “their roof is holding” the President of Ukraine”.

In particular, the MPs personally wanted to control all the criminal business and collecting scrap metal.

Banished with Polyakov from “Servants of the people” the people’s Deputy Anna Skorokhod said that her party members for the “right” vote on bills handed out the wages in envelopes — from $5 thousand to $15 thousand

Trump is nothing to be proud

The accusations of the President of the United States Donald trump in the Ukraine, no doubt, fair. No victory over corruption even at the highest level there is not expected, foreign investments, as has happened before, will be successfully stolen.

However, in fairness I should admit that, blaming Kiev, States are doing the same.

“In the United States corruption is more than in Ukraine, everyone knows that. Only in USA is called differently — lobbying. And we call corruption”, — said the President of the Ukrainian analytical center Alexander Okhrimenko, in the commentary edition of the

The expert noted that in the United States no hiding the fact that all laws and decisions are made solely in the interest of.

“There trump became President through corruption schemes. But! It cannot be called corrupt. Lobbyist — Yes, it’s possible,” writes Okhrimenko.

He reminded that the lobbyists who engaged in weapons, publicly admitted that they really financed trump. And nobody’s calling that a bribe: so, mischief — have helped him to become President, and he lobbied for their interests.

Based on this Okhrimenko proposed a simple recipe for victory over the Ukrainian corruption.

“In Ukraine, just in the old tradition of lobbyists called corrupt. This is stupid. You just need to call them lobbyists and corruption will disappear. That is such a funny game all the politicians in the world who like to call each other, not paying attention to what’s going on with them,” the economist said.

He also drew attention to the contribution of international corporations into Ukrainian corruption.

“Remember, in Ukraine, a law was passed that made “the tobacco giants to” close their factories in the Ukraine? It was in the interests of the Ukrainian manufacturer. Then these foreign guys went to negotiate with the government. And to date, three manufacturers, two have already agreed, now sell. But it is certainly not bribery, it’s lobbying”, — stated Ohrimenko.

Obviously, the statement trump made not in order to win the Ukrainian corruption. The American President just wants to make it more controllable, and Ukrainian officials, more manageable. Vasily The Dark, Christine Jalova

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