Costco is full of apples at 14 000 kilometres of Quebec

Costco fait le plein de pommes à 14 000 kilomètres du Québec

A producer of apples Rougemont did not digest that Costco sells apples from New Zealand rather than his own, while the governments continue to encourage local purchasing.

“It is thirty kilometers from the capital of the apple. I find it inconceivable that they should not put forward of Québec products. I don’t fit in the head. It is shocking, ” says Sylvain Pelletier, owner of the orchard of fifteen acres of The Gardens of the Emilia, in Rougemont, Montérégie.

Yesterday, the apple producer quebecers had long to say to get out of the Costco in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, where whole pallets of apples from New Zealand are offered to guests of the Montérégie region, which produces more than 55 % of apples in Quebec.

“There are McIntosh, Empire, Spartan, Cortland and they will look for a variety of New Zealand on the other side of the world. Costco should we buy some volumes. We do not stop to talk about local purchases currently, there are in the world who is sleeping on the switch “, has hammered the farmer.

For Sylvain Pelletier, there needs to be more projects as the owner of Promenades Saint-Bruno, Cadillac Fairview, which launches a market featuring smaller producers like him.

Orchard of Three Apples, to Rougemont, it was also difficult to understand why some supermarkets are turning to apples from one continent to another while the province’s best varieties in the world.

“I don’t understand that we can supply to other countries as far “, expressed the owner, Benoit, Bouthillier, stung by the question.

Better margins

Among the apple Growers of Quebec (PPQ), we do not want to throw the stone at Costco, noting that at this time of the year, it is common to see apples from New Zealand, South Africa or Australia on our stalls.

“Our packers are going to prefer strings, “less discounts” such as Provigo, IGA, or Metro before the Maxi, Super C, or Costco, where their profit margin is smaller, ” explained its CEO, Daniel Ruel, stating that Costco used to have the McIntosh and Spartan in Quebec.

For his part, Sylvain Charlebois, senior director of the Laboratory of analytical sciences in agri-food, Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia, has reiterated that it is often the price that will guide the choices of consumers.

“It is necessary to ask questions about the carbon footprint of these products that come from the other side of the world, but the distributors are still going to sell products that customers will buy,” he stressed.

According to him, these days, the raspberry or the blueberry have a tendency to steal the show, but the tour of the apple will come in the fall. “Each commodity has its moment of glory. In July, this is not the apple, ” he analyzed.

Yesterday, The Newspaper called on at random to supermarkets IGA, Metro, Super C and Provigo, and all were said to have in store, several varieties of apples here.

When The Newspaper asked Costco if the banner attached importance to the apples of quebec, his spokesman, Martin Groleau was quickly answered yes.

“Of course,” he hastened to reply by e-mail. Could you share with us these contacts ? Our group purchase will be a pleasure to [the] contact as quickly as possible, ” he concluded.

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