Costco will make the mask mandatory in its stores in Quebec

Costco rendra le port du masque obligatoire dans ses magasins au Québec

Over the next few days, because of the COVID-19, the retailer Costco will make mandatory the wearing of the mask for all of its customers in its stores across Quebec, has taught The Newspaper.

The canadian division of the american company is expected to soon make the announcement. The employees, who are already invited to wear masks at work, have learned the news Wednesday.

The new measure should be put in place gradually from the next week, and the wearing of the mask will be mandatory from 18 may.

Costco reserves the right to refuse access to its facilities to persons who do not comply with this new rule. Customers will be able to wear medical masks, cloth or home-made.

The management wants that people cover their mouth and nose. A person removing his mask during his shopping could be invited out of the store by officials, warned an employee.

According to our information, this new measure does not apply to children under 2 years of age, or persons unable to wear a mask because of a health problem.

A first retailer

On Thursday, the management of Costco had announced similar measures on the side of the United States. In a press release, one can read that wearing a mask will be mandatory for our neighbours to the South from the 4th of may.

In recent weeks, the retailer has revised some of its policies in order to limit the spread of the virus and protect its employees and its customers. There are now restrictions on the return of goods, hours are reserved for people over 60 years of age and limits were set relatively to the number of consumers.

Costco will be one of the first retailers in the country to make compulsory the wearing of the mask in its stores. An employee stated that the other health measures should always be followed.

It has not been possible to discuss with a spokesperson at Costco.


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