UNUSUAL The driver completed the 1,129 kilometers in eleven hours

 C & ocirc; te d'Armor: Party from Marseille, an Uber driver completes longest trip

The driver initially believed it was wrong when he saw the destination of the trip. – Darryl Dyck/AP/SIPA

Marseille-Plumieux & nbsp;: this is the longest Uber ride of the last ten years. The palm has recently come back to life. a driver from the city; phoc & eacute; enne who, on May 29, 2020, had traveled to the C & ocirc ;tes-d'Armor, & agrave; 1,129 kilometers from l & agrave ;, reports Le Parisien .

That day, the 42-year-old driver was in front of Saint-Charles station. When its application starts & agrave; ring and discover the destination, he first believes & agrave; an error: & ldquo; & nbsp; I watched & rsquo; on the Internet and I discovered that it was in Brittany & nbsp;! & nbsp; I believed that the customer was mistaken; as sometimes happens. & nbsp; & raquo;

More than 1,600 euros

The client wanted to go to Brittany to join his father & agrave; hospital. In full confinement, the young man had not found it; train and had therefore found & oacute; another solution. Tenderized on the phone by the customer's mother, the driver had finally accepted.

The trip took a long time to come. eleven o'clock and cost 1,607.91 cents to the young man. After a good night's sleep, the driver had reached Marseille. & Nbsp;