Couillard is defending his government

  • File Photo, Simon Clark

    The Journal

    Friday, 11 August 2017 23:48

    Friday, 11 August 2017 23:48

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    Under fire for several days for his handling of the case of migrants, Philippe Couillard recognizes that asylum seekers will not be able to all stay here.

    “There is no guarantee that asylum applications will be accepted, given the strict rules that govern “, he wrote on Facebook Friday.

    The prime minister, however, argues that his government must provide them with the minimum to ” ensure the dignity of persons “.

    He also wished to recall that Quebec has a “long tradition of hospitality, which makes us honor,” but that his government would not compromise on the security of the population.

    According to him, it is anticipated that eventually the migrants of other nationalities will attempt to travel clandestinely in Quebec. He also urged other political leaders to ” avoid distorting a reality already complex “.

    “It is unfortunate that these very vulnerable people will be made to convince that admission as a refugee in Canada and in Quebec, this would be simple, even automatic “, he adds.

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