Countdown to production: when Zelensky will relinquish power?

Обратный отсчёт для преЗЕдента: когда Зеленский сдаст власть?

© AP Efrem Lukatsky During otopitelnogo press marathon among the hundreds of answers of mister Zelensky has lost some one very important point: the current President of Ukraine for power does not hold in the case of the next Maidan quietly ready to leave his post. In fact, it announced plans to surrender power.The past week finally confirmed the sad fact that Mr. Zelensky never took control of the country in their hands. Defiantly disrupted the breeding of forces in the Gold and Petrovsky showed external and internal political actors utter helplessness of the President. Then, fixing psychological success, in Kiev marched columns of ultranationalists, cheerfully chanting slogans “Selaku on gilyaku” (“Sely to the gallows”), once again showing who’s the boss not only on the demarcation line, but on the streets of the capital.

Rolled his barrel of tar, and team President. It is unknown what the plinth was found Prime Goncharuk went to a concert by neo-Nazis, the Minister Milovanov said about the dangers of books, retired head of the national security Council danyluk began to throw mud at all, and the girl Novosad announces the closure of Russian schools… And this “we-team” as a result, Parliament approved the government program is immune from dismissal for a year. But there is still a new increase in tariffs, a possible energy crisis, the inevitable retraction of Kiev in the U.S. “Ukrainian”…no Wonder the trust of Ukrainians to the President shaken. According to the latest survey of KIIS, a positive assessment Zelensky decreased by 7% in one month: positive attitude towards the activities of the President Zelensky in October, 66% (73% in September). Also dropped the level of approval of Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk (from 17% to 10%) and speaker Dmitry Razumkov (from 33% to 27%). It should be noted that the survey was conducted before the famous press-marathon (a spectacle like the Ukrainians), therefore, in the near future, a slight rise in rating. But the overall trend is clear: the frustration of citizens is always reflected on the popularity.

If you commit the bulk of their constituents, that is, do not give them the promised peace, “new faces” in government and the growth of wealth, the outrage will grow. There is no peace, and “war party” threw uniform fit under the slogan “No surrender”; “new faces” were common clerks of the teams of old (and even zashchirinskisa Shkiryak somewhere climbed); the economy grows only on paper, but in reality the majority of people changes for the better he feels and continues to run. Working abroad for almost half of the total working population, and this figure is constantly growing.

According to insider media and telegram-channels “command, see” the tension is growing. For example, the famous telegram channel Resident said: “the Situation in OP and government offices very tense, and not because of the protests of the radicals, and because of the constant throwing of the President. There is no clear position on land and administrative reform, the Minsk process and the “formula Steinmeier“, to hold early local elections or to wait until the [following] fall… Now Vladimir Zelensky is located between the centers of influence, and each group he advises the algorithm of political action, and the President is trying to maneuver, but it turns out bad.”

Out of the mist covering yesterday’s enemies and propose to rely on their experience and resources. Tireless porkalot viatrovych writes: “to Win the election in Ukraine does not mean defeat. Must be able to listen to an active minority that determines the life of the country after the elections. Otherwise Maidan might put in place someone who is sure that most of the election — a good reason to make their power unlimited.” On behalf of the newly felt their force of “active minorities” with the current President sets ultimatum and Mr. Poroshenko: “Ukrainian people respect their army and proud of it. Afraid of her aggressor, her fear look around capitulators. She put to them”defeatists”] fatty red lines — and Woe to those who cross them”. Who in such circumstances will want to be a “defeatist”?

Zelensky driven like the animal on the hunt. “He can’t resist the radicals and to move away from the discourse Poroshenko, resources to remove the interior Minister Arsen Avakov had not, Zelensky is forced to roll along this track, and if this movement continues, to him [Poroshenko] the results, he will come”, — said political analyst Pavel Rudyakov. Stop the war on the basis of mutually acceptable compromise is not obtained, but while the government impoverishes the civil war, there will be a normal economy, not the economy recovers — will not begin serious growth of people’s welfare. Zelensky became public of the “professional foul”, and now he reserves the right at any time to exit the game with the words: “Well, I wanted to do better”. Actually, it is the thought and flashed in the press marathon. Fighting qualities of Vladimir Alexandrovich greatly exaggerated ze-propaganda, and some polamidon may well become a pretext for another reformatting power.But here another problem arises — the international recognition of the legitimacy of the potential mate. Much easier to leave Zelensky in articulating other people’s decisions buffoon — at least for the time until sold out earth and the last attractive assets. Own political subjectivity mister Zelensky is rapidly losing, and really rely on the voted for him the people Vladimir not you dare. Because now there is a struggle in whose hands he would be a puppet. Behind the scenes will continue to rule the “active minority” in the direction which has slowly reached the government, and for him to fall and loose faction of “public Servants”, pillaged by the oligarchs to different interest groups.

Zelensky will be invited to reign but not to rule, and he will have no other way but to agree. Ukrainians enthusiastically will continue to observe the creative discoveries of his team, the country will eventually sell under the hammer, and with a particularly unhappy will be dealt with the assault troops of the “active minority”. And really — why do we need a new Maidan?Konstantin Kevorkian

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