Countries with the worst quality of roads

Страны мира с худшим качеством дорог

At the world economic forum annually provides information about the economy in the world, which includes the analysis of the state highways.

This time, it was about the cities with the worst roads, the movement of which is not simply difficult, and even dangerous.

Nouakchott, Mauritania. The road network of this country has a length of 10.6 thousand kilometers, of which only three thousand are laid paved. The rest of the network is unpaved roads throughout the 710 km, then the area is completely untouched.

This state, whose area is 1 million sq km, has a rather weak economy, which makes it possible to perform maintenance of the road network at an appropriate level, not to mention how to lay a new.

Missing road surface is of good quality and in the state capital. The relevant services are performed only to the maintenance of the road network at the minimum level, which does not include the renovations and creation of the required infrastructure.

Danger when driving there is for ordinary drivers and for travelling on public transport, which are the small taxis for 7 people. The worst quality is the road from Nouakchott to the village of Rosso, with a length of 203 km and stretching across a completely deserted place, where no one will even provide assistance, if necessary.

Orhei, Moldova. Among European countries already for one year the most sad situation in Moldova, where in poor condition is a large part of the road system. The reason for this becomes a kind of public policy, the result of which is the total lack of state control over the contractors plan for the development of infrastructure and the particular climate. The result is a violation of the technology during the road and patching.

From such a situation suffers not only the capital but also other cities, but mainly old Orhei.

Most amazing is the fact that the city has the status of tourist, near which is situated the reserve “Old Orhei”. The thickness of asphalt on urban roads, according to one of the officials, “thinner than a layer of oil on the sandwich.” In addition, in the city there is no Parking places and public transport, and on one of the streets in the city centre, the repair work was not carried out for 40 years.

Riga, Latvia. According to the mayor of the capital, the country was totally unprepared to becoming a member of the European Union. Of the entire amount collected as road tax, and it is about 36 million dollars in the city budget received only 10, which is totally inadequate for thorough repair and maintenance of roads.

The need for restoration work available in the Central streets and on the bridges, where due to poor road conditions, the authorities were forced to set the limit speed to 30 km/h.

In addition, it was noted the low quality of repair, with the result that you have to repeatedly repair the same road sections, for example, after the passage of heavy transport cargo.

Result. Roads represent one of the most important factors to maintain the quality of life in any country. To provide comfort in the lives of the citizens of the country, its leadership must take a holistic approach to improve the quality of the entire road transport infrastructure, and to increase the economic situation in the country.

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