Country Taekwondo and women’s football in North Korea

PHOTO : ZumaTASS / Huang Zongzhi


The leader of North Korea Kim Jong UN makes first visit to Russia. In Vladivostok it will serve soup, dumplings and red caviar. About how things are going with sports in the Democratic people’s Republic, tells sports commentator of TV channel “MIR 24” Dmitry Kalugin.

Despite the fact that this country is one of the most closed in the world,North Korean athletes in the international arena, and not without success. The most popular sport in Korea is Taekwondo. Is North Korea considered the birthplace of this martial art.

There is actively developing the sport. Especially for him recently in the country were built two large of the latest sports complex. Despite this, the direction of the North Korean Taekwondo are not included in the Olympic program. The fact that the international Olympic Committee gave preference to the South Korean view of this, martial arts in which athletes use a special protection against injuries.

But Taekwondo athletes from North Korea quite successfully perform at the Olympics. The first time the national team of this country took part in the games in 1964. All the assets of 56 North Korean athletes Olympic medals. Most medals in weightlifting – 14, including five gold.

Women’s soccer team of North Korea at the Olympics is without gloss, in contrast to the continental Championships. Asian Cup, North Korean team in this century has won most often – three times, and is on the high 11th place in the FIFA rankings. And youth women’s team of the DPRK in 2016 became the world champion.

In men, the results are more modest. The national team only once qualified for the Olympic games and twice in its history played in the final stage of the world Championships. And the best result was the quarter-finals of the tournament, where the team lost to Portugal. However, it was 53 years ago.

Hold their home matches of the football national teams of North Korea, the most spacious stadium in the world. It is the “arena name 1 may,” Pyongyang holds this title with the figure of 150 thousand seats. The total area of the stadium is 207 thousand square meters.

In General, the mass involvement in sport – a distinctive feature of the North Koreans. In the cities of Korea regularly holds public classes in physical culture, which collected hundreds of thousands of citizens. Their teams to these events expose all the enterprises and organizations of the country. Also massively support the athletes and fans. Here, for example, as it was at the Olympics in Pyeongchang.

It was at the winter games in 2018 for the first time made the United women’s hockey team of North and South Korea. Now in plans of the two States to submit a joint bid to host the Olympics and women’s world Cup.