Courier, did not catch customers at home, threw a package on the balcony

Service delivery demonstrated original thinking.

Кур&#039єр, не застав клієнтів вдома, закинув посилку на балкон

The video, allegedly filmed in Germany, provoked a lively discussion in social networks, because the couriers who handle parcels sloppy, is a hot topic, informs Rus.Media.

This time service delivery has demonstrated quite original thinking. Apparently, he did not find the customer in the house, so I decided just to throw them a package on the balcony. After several failed attempts (resulting in the box falling on the ground) one finally succeeded.

Hermes, which employs such employee, stated that he had started investigation of the incident. But many Internet users it would be very interesting to know what was in the box, and not have suffered too much cargo.