COVID-19: 16,000 deaths in Canada by January

COVID-19: 16,000 deaths in Canada by January

While we already deplore more than 9,000 deaths from COVID-19 in the country, an American study estimates that the Canadian death toll could exceed 16,000 deaths by January.

The survey was performed by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington. For Dr. Ali Mokdad, member of the institute and professor of health sciences, the majority of projected deaths will take place in December.

“When the temperature gets cooler and it comes to pneumonia season,” he told Global News.

Quebec and Ontario would be the provinces most affected by the increase in the number of deaths, with a jump of 4,000 deaths for Quebec and 3,000 for Ontario.

According to Dr Mokdad, this could be explained by the reopening of schools.

“Young people don't live in a bubble. So they start to interact with their parents and grandparents, and that's when we see a peak in the mortality rate, ”he anticipated.

However, the projected number of deaths could drop to 12,000 if masks become mandatory across the country.

Stephen Hoption Cann, an infectious disease expert at the University of British Columbia, however, questioned the results of this study, explaining that it does not take into account the increase in protective measures in vulnerable people.

Since the first case detected in Canada last January, some 9,255 Canadians have died from complications from COVID-19.

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