COVID-19: 23 case with the factory of Exceldor in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville

COVID-19: 23 cas à l’usine d’Exceldor de Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville

After Olymel, it is the turn of Exceldor of having to juggle with the case of COVID-19 in its facilities. At the plant in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, Montérégie, 23 of the 350 workers who have caught the virus.

The first case fell in Exceldor on the 28th of march. In the following days two other workers have been tested positive. The management has chosen the march 30, quarantine, the unit of night where the cases were reported. A hundred people have been invited to stay at their home.

A worker contacted The Newspaper Tuesday, by e-mail, worried by the situation in this factory. It must be said that the employees who were arrested have not symptoms, are returned to the job on April 14.

“We currently have 23 positive cases in our plant in Saint-Bruno, of which 17 are evening and 6 days, including 4 cases restored,” replies the manager, communications at Exceldor, Gabrielle Had to.

On the day shift, as the positive cases appeared later, Exceldor has not quarantined the whole of the workers of this production unit, considering that its new security measures put in place to allow limited contacts between employees.

“Since the end of the week of march 28, we have a number of additional actions. There are signs of polymer between each work of less than two metres. Visors are also mandatory. According to the public health, we have the right to remain open with the measures that we have,” says Mrs. Taken, adding that the temperature of employees is taken as soon as they arrive at work.

The processing plant of St-Bruno-de-Montarville has never ceased its activities since the beginning of the pandemic. Today, a total of 42 workers are confined, including prevention, at their home.

Other factory

Recently, Exceldor has also had a positive case to the COVID-19 to its factory showdown located in Saint-Damase, Montérégie. This establishment, for which the security measures have also been tightened, a total of 290 workers.

The co-op ensures that these events will not impact, for the moment, on its production. The other facilities of the group across Canada are not affected.

The plant Olymel at Yamachiche, in the Mauricie region, was closed for two weeks because of the COVID-19.

According to the ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries of Quebec, “the transmission of the virus through the ingestion of food is rejected, and the coronavirus does not multiply in food”.

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