COVID-19: 26 more cases in the Quebec city region

COVID-19: 26 cas de plus dans la région de Québec

The Quebec region saw a slight respite in the number of cases identified on its territory Sunday. In the past 24 hours, 26 cases of COVID-19 have been added to the balance sheet.

Thirteen of the 26 new cases are in Quebec, while the other half are on the side of the Rive-Sud, in Chaudière-Appalaches. On the eve of 29 cases which had been reported in the region.

Good news, however: no new deaths were reported across the territory.

NURSING homes were also spared since Saturday. No resident has been infected.

Only exception: the Jeffery Hale hospital, where there have been five additional cases, for a total of 59 users with the COVID-19.

Seven nurses and six employees came to lend a hand in this home outbreak. It is not ruled out that further reinforcements were needed in the next few days in the establishment.

“It is certain that currently with the teams and the volunteers who came to help us, it responds well to the care and services, but it is always fluctuating with the needs of the time”, explains Brigitte Paquette, assistant to president and ceo at the Jeffery Hale hospital.

The call is launched to the nurses, nursing assistants and clerks who would like to join “the collective effort”, says Ms. Paquette.

An effort that welcomes the public health, but remember that it will take three to four weeks before getting back to a semblance of stability.

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