COVID-19 : 435 dead in 24 hours in Spain, 2nd day of slight rebound

COVID-19 : 435 morts en 24 heures en Espagne, 2e jour de léger rebond

MADRID | Spain, has identified Wednesday, 435 died of the new coronavirus in 24 hours, a figure that has increased slightly for the second consecutive day and bringing the total deaths to 21 717, announced the ministry of Health.

430 deaths had been notified Tuesday and 399 on Monday, which was its lowest level since the four weeks.

The country, which also has a total of more than 208 000 confirmed cases, after an increase of more than 4200 in 24 hours, is the third most grief-stricken of the world behind the United States and Italy.

The containment is very strict which is subject to Spain since the 14th of march should be extended on Wednesday by the mps until may 9, inclusive.

The government, which addresses the déconfinement with extreme caution, however, will ease slightly its control measures against the virus by allowing children to go outside to take the air from Sunday.

After being initially allowed to go out with one of their parents only to go to the supermarket or the pharmacy, he has done a volte-face Tuesday night against the avalanche of criticism from all sides, allowing for short walks, as in other european countries such as France.

“The de-escalation (in the containment) will be slow and progressive, precisely because it must be safe,” insisted the prime minister Pedro Sanchez on Wednesday in front of the deputies.

“The containment will be lifted if we are prepared, because we’re not going to run any risk “, has he hammered in referring to the ” second half of the month of may.”

Despite a number of deaths still high, Spain has surpassed the peak of the epidemic in early April, when the coronavirus had killed up to 950 people on 2 April.

Sign of improvement, the hospitals are no longer saturated and the region of Madrid was to close Wednesday, the morgue installed in the ice-skating rink, a shopping centre of madrid, a symbol of the heavy human toll of the pandemic in the Spanish capital.

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