COVID-19 : 596 people dead at a hospital in the United Kingdom, more than 16 000 in total

COVID-19 : 596 morts supplémentaires à l’hôpital au Royaume-Uni, plus de 16 000 au total

LONDON | The british government announced on Sunday 596 excess deaths in hospital of patients by the novel coronavirus, bringing to more than 16,000 the total number of deaths due to the virus in the country, one of the most affected in Europe.

In total, 16 060 people died of the disease Covid-19 in the hospital and 120 067 have been tested positive to the virus, either 5850 more than the previous day, announced the ministry of Health.

The figures published daily by the health authorities in the uk do understand that in-hospital deaths of patients tested positive, a method criticised, because it does not account for deaths in retirement homes or at home, and thereby attenuates the real impact of the pandemic.

The british government decided on Thursday to extend by at least three weeks in the containment introduced on 23 march and does not plan yet to get out.

Itself hit by the virus and released a week ago from the hospital, the prime minister, Boris Johnson, 55 years old, “recovers” at Chequers, the country residence of the heads of the british government, and conveys his instructions to his ministers, explained one of them, Michael Gove, to Sky News on Sunday.

His government is criticised for having been slow to take the measure of the pandemic and to increase the number of screenings and equipment for caregivers in first line against disease.

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