COVID-19: 7 athletes who entertain us

COVID-19: 7 athlètes qui nous divertissent

In this period of seclusion, some athletes are going above and beyond in creativity to entertain their supporters on social networks. Here are a few that particularly stand out.

Serge Ibaka

The Toronto Raptors ‘ player is quite creative and one can discover her colorful personality, in particular with its capsule – How Bored are You? Between its tutorials, fashion, cooking, discussions FaceTime with Kyle Lowry or even with workers of the health network in the toronto area, his publications are always smiling.

Brendan Gallagher

Among the players of the Montreal canadiens, Brendan Gallagher are especially notable on TikTok. Her imitation of Dwight in “The Office” is almost perfect and we love to hear him sing the Backstreet Boys. See the video here.

Otherwise, Tomas Tatar and Artturi Lehkonen have also published stuff that is frankly funny on TikTok.

Stan Wawrinka

The tennis player of switzerland creates short films funny enough. The one he did for his birthday, but more importantly it inspired the generic of the openings of Narcos and Dexter are definitely worth a look.

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Fresh air, coffee and some juice 👌🏻Morning routine ☕️🍋🤹🏻♂️🍊☀️🙏🏻 #goodmorning #coffee #fresh #juice

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Kristie Ahn

Always in the tennis world, Kristie Ahn has won the title of “queen of TikTok” by the site of the WTA. The player in the usa is very prolific, imaginative, and fun like crazy to create short skits on this platform. We don’t always understand what is happening, but it is always entertaining.


P. K. Subban

The flamboyant P. K. Subban is documenting his daily life with Lindsey Vonn and her dog Lucy on different platforms. Obviously, exercise and music help the former defender for the Montreal canadiens to keep morale high.

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Clearly, we need to work on our partner workouts 🤦🏿♂️😂SNAP! #thatwasntafart🤷🏿♂️iswear

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Several NHL players have published pearls on the social networks. Among them, a special mention to Mikhail Sergachev. The talents of dancer Kevin Bieksa, Connor Carrick, Jack Campbell and Erik Gudbranson, as you can see on TikTok, are also reported.

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Если вы в своей квартире Лягте на пол, Три-четыре Выполняйте правильно движения! ⠀ Make sure to exercise even in your apartment!

A publication shared by Mikhail Sergachev (@sergach98) on March 25, 2020 at 9 :01 am PDT

Sebastien Toutant

To counteract the boredom, the olympic champion in snowboard big air and organises courses and launches the physical challenges quite unusual in her condo in Laval. Surprising and not to do at home.

Alex Bregman

The third baseman of the Houston Astros is very active on the platform, the TikTok, and that, since he shared the spotlight with the sensation web-Charli D’amelio. He also shared several moments of his forty on his account Instagram. It has also reopened the comments section of it, him that had closed during the scandal of the signals stolen from the house of the Astros.

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