COVID-19 : 888 deaths in the United Kingdom, 15 464 deaths in total

COVID-19 : 888 décès supplémentaires au Royaume-Uni, 15 464 morts au total

The United Kingdom announced on Saturday that 888 excess deaths in hospital of patients by the novel coronavirus, bringing to 15.464 the total number of victims of this disease in the country.

That figure is up compared to 847 deaths announced Friday by the ministry of Health.

The number of people tested positive for the coronavirus has reached a total of 114 217, an increase of 5526 compared to the previous day, according to the ministry of Health.

The figures published daily by the health authorities in the uk do understand that in-hospital deaths of patients tested positive, a method criticised, because it does not account for deaths in retirement homes or at home, and thereby attenuates the real impact of the pandemic.

The Office of national statistics (ONS), which counts the dead more widely, but with a dozen days of lag, has recorded 217 deaths related to the disease on April 3, in the retreat houses of England and Wales, according to its last balance-sheet weekly.

But after having collected its own data, Care England, which represents nursing homes, independent, estimated that the actual number of deaths is much higher and could reach 7500.

The british government decided on Thursday to extend at least three weeks ‘ confinement in place since march 23, to slow down the epidemic and announced the following day accelerate its efforts to develop and mass produce a vaccine as soon as possible.

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