COVID-19: 93 deaths in Quebec, the return to school will not be compulsory

COVID-19: 93 nouveaux décès au Québec, le retour à l'école ne sera pas obligatoire

The wearing of the mask will be recommended at the re-opening of businesses and schools, but the presence of children in the classroom will not be mandatory.

François Legault has promised to unveil its plan déconfinement the next week, which will begin in regions spared by the COVID-19. “I already want to reassure the parents. We will ensure in the plan that the parents who, for all sorts of reasons, do not want to send their child to school will not be obliged to send them to school “, he said on Wednesday.

  • Development of the situation and a summary of the points of the press with Genevieve Peterson at QUB radio:

The prime minister has assured that students who do not return to the classroom this spring will not be penalized and will be able to catch up with their school as soon as school begins in September.

François Legault admitted that the epidemic of coronavirus in Quebec is concentrated in Montreal and Laval, which occurred 74% of the deaths. Outside of these hotbeds of contagion, the situation is “stable”.

A plan was spread out in September

This is why the reopening of schools and businesses will commence in the other regions of Quebec, which are relatively little affected by the COVID-19.

“There is talk of a reopening plan, which will extend to the autumn, until September. So, we think we will be able, if we speak about businesses and schools, to be able to reopen by September, the two sectors “, he insisted.

Dr. Horacio Arruda added that the detachment will have to be respected in the schools, without which the port of the mask is to be recommended.

The mask, whether it is craft or not, will generally be advised when the set of social distancing will be impossible in the public space, public transit or on the workplace. The national Director of public health is reminding once again that this outfit will not make the citizens of the “superhero” immunized against the virus. Hand washing should continue.

Bad news for athletes

But the burst of optimism stopped there. The prime minister has not excluded that the resumption of sports and cultural activities will be postponed indefinitely. “Is that okay in 2021? This is not impossible, ” he slipped.

Because of the absence of a vaccine, Dr. Horacio Arruda has warned Quebecers may need to live with the COVID-19 yet a good stretch of time. “It is possible that we are still talking of coronavirus in 2021, unfortunately, or even until 2022 “.

Teachers and drivers fearful

In the minutes that followed the daily press conference of the authorities, education unions have immediately asked to see the government plan for the reopening of the schools.

“Nearly 20% of our members are over 55 years of age, some have health problems or are immunocompromised, some women teachers are pregnant, others are living with relatives older”, argued the president of the autonomous Federation of education, Sylvain Malette.

The union of school bus drivers expressed concern, since many of their members are “in early retirement or retired, so older”.

Sport off in Quebec until 2021?


The planet sports in Quebec may be on pause, well beyond the 31 August, the date up to which all the sporting events, with the exception of the teams of the professional leagues and the minor sport, had to be cancelled at the request of the government because of the pandemic of the COVID-19.

At least that is what was suggested by the prime minister François Legault during his press briefing daily on the health crisis, on Wednesday. “Let’s say that, without revealing the plans, here, we speak of a reopening plan, which will extend to the autumn, until September. So, we think we will be able, if we speak about businesses and schools, to be able to reopen by September the two sectors. Now, the question that remains, what are the gatherings, cultural activities, sport, good, it, is that okay in 2021? This is not impossible,” said Mr. Legault.

If this scenario were to materialize, it would therefore not be at least before the month of January that the sports events would be allowed in Quebec.



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