COVID-19: a cabin of sterilization for people to limit the spread of the virus

COVID-19: une cabine de stérilisation pour les gens afin de limiter la propagation du virus

A new enterprise sees the light of day due to the impacts of the pandemic. The company Sanita manufacture of the cabins of sterilization for the people. A tool aimed at limiting the risk of spread of the virus.

On Thursday, the young shoot of Laval has installed the first machine to “test” on a construction site in Lachenaie in Terrebonne.

“We have done extensive research on the production of powerful oxidising agent effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses are pervasive and have evaluated how the most rapid and effective disinfection of a worker,” says the vice-president, Maxim Taparauskas.

The latter is associated with the promoter-Management Group Bernard to conduct this pilot project.

Note that the product is still pending approval by Health Canada before they can be marketed.

The direction of Sanita hope to have a response within 90 days.

“The cleaning time is approximately 20 seconds per person. There is the outlet temperature, a washing of the hands without contact, and a mist meeting the standards of safety medical that comes disinfect the person in a closed area,” says the Journal, Mr. Taparauskas.

The young entrepreneur believes that his organization could quickly produce more than 100 machines per week. Each installation, which is assembled and programmed in Québec, will cost 15 000 $.

Factories, hospitals

The direction of advance that their product could easily be installed in factories, hospitals, on construction sites and in airports.

“It is all companies that have more than 50 inputs and outputs per day. Our goal was to find a solution to speed up the flow of inputs while complying with the security protocols,” concludes Mr. Taparauskas, which hopes to quickly have the green light from the public health to provide its product to businesses.

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