COVID-19: a decision for “responsible” of the COC, according to Isabelle Charest

COVID-19: une décision «responsable» du COC, selon Isabelle Charest

The canadian olympic Committee has made a decision “responsible” by announcing that he would not send athletes to participate in the Tokyo olympic Games if they were held next summer, said the minister responsible for recreation and sport, Isabelle Charest.

In spite of everything, this is an advertisement “extremely difficult” for some athletes, admitted the ex-Olympian.

“It’s like our world is collapsing because we’ve spent years and years preparing and olympic preparation, it is set to a quarter turn”, she explained in an interview.

Isabelle Charest believes, however, that this quick decision will have the effect of dispelling the “vagueness” surrounding the Games in a context of global pandemic of COVID-19 for some athletes. The ex-skater olympic says it is “proud” of the response of athletes to the stringent measures put in place by public health, these past few weeks to counter the spread of the COVID-19.

“In the past weeks, they have listened to the recommendations that we made and put them on the social networks. [Thus] the population says that if an olympic athlete is able to put his olympic preparation aside to comply with the measures put in place, though all the world should follow suit, too,” quipped Isabelle Charest.

About the Jeux du Québec, whose 55th edition, to be held in Laval, from 31 July to 8 August next, no decision has yet been taken, said the minister.

Given the announcement this week of the postponement of the start of classes at the earliest, the beginning of may, the ministry of Education is active in order to prepare capsules to get the young people to the house, she added.

“At any given time, young people will be tanned to go taking walks, they are going to want something a bit more challenging”, stated Ms. Charest.

“We will try to identify the different tools that exist to be able to give access to parents to move their young people,” she explained. For example, the Force program 4, funded by the ministry of Education, already offers such capsules.

Go up the stairs at full speed, launching the ball with a brother or a sister, to do the “show jumping jack”: there are already many exercises that can children at home, stressed Isabelle Charest.

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