COVID-19: a déconfinement gradual remains desirable

COVID-19: un déconfinement graduel reste souhaitable

The absence of scientific evidence regarding the immunity supposed people who have been cured of the COVID-19 does not question the intention of the government Legault, proceed to the déconfinement gradual of the company, according to experts.

The WHO and the canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau were both invited to the caution, on Saturday, because there is nothing to show that one can not catch the new coronavirus twice.

That said, “this is not because there is no evidence that it wants to say that people are not immune,” says professor de l’UQAM, Benoit Barbeau.

Current knowledge

According to him, the current knowledge in immunology suggest that there is a “strong chance” that the virus gives at least some immunity.

“With what we know at the level of the research that has been done in immunology for several decades, it is expected that people will be immune” even if, on the other hand, we cannot pretend that it will be “the case absolutely,” he said.

The professor of biochemistry of the University of Montreal, Nathalie Grandvaux, estimates it will need more tests before you can confirm a immunity of the group, but that it is still very likely.

“This is not yet clearly demonstrated, but based on what we know of other viral infections, and the chance that the people who develop antibodies to be immunized is still very strong,” explained Dr. Grandvaux in an interview with TVA News.

If it is proven, that the immunity of a greater number of persons would decrease the ability of the virus to spread while the development of a vaccine continues.

The prime minister of Québec, François Legault, who will unveil this week a timetable for the reopening of the economy, has insisted on the fact that it would be “very” gradual.

Barbeau thinks that, ” by comparison to everything that we know “, the best way to proceed is through a “phased approach” while maintaining the rules of distance physical.

Test, test, test

The important thing, adds this expert, is to continue to test the population to measure the presence of the COVID-19 and to prevent a second wave of infections. “If ever we see that this concept of immunity is false, or that it is not 100 % […] we’ll see fairly quickly”, said Mr. Barbeau.

– With the QMI Agency

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