COVID-19: a different reality for truckers

With the closure of more and more judgments of service on the roads, concerns are growing among truck drivers in the province who have to cross the border between Canada and the United States.

“We see signs everywhere on the roads where he is registered to stay with us. I put so much of Purell on my dashboard and my steering wheel that it smells like the hospital in my truck,” said Pierre Boivin, a truck driver.

Despite the exemption of quarantine, the truckers are all of the same opinion, as emphasized by Stephen Fournier, who transports fruits and vegetables each week in the United States.

“We are an essential service! If it is not there anymore, it’s not a grocery store within 3-4 days. This is not the americans who will come and deliver our stock, it is up to us to cross here,” said the trucker.

Whether the use of Purell, rubbing alcohol, or the wearing of gloves, the measures are to be taken seriously by truckers in quebec.

“I’m starting my third week in a row in my truck, 36 hours in my truck it starts to be long! It unloads more in the truck-stop as before. There are even guys I know who are made to wash the cloth directly in their truck,” says truck driver Luke Amond, which does nothing more than paper bills.

However, the reality is changing for many of them.

“I was removed what was the fun in my job, I can no longer see my friends truck, you don’t talk to anyone when we stop on the way. In addition, we want to be vigilant, I can no longer see my children every weekend as before, I have no choice but to see them only in a month because of the crisis,” stresses Étienne Fournier.

Let us remember that the truckers in quebec are exempt from the quarantine, but if they feel the slightest symptom, they are forced to a complete stop as required and return to their home.

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