COVID-19 : a first case in the NFL

COVID-19 : un premier cas dans la NFL

The Saints head coach of The New Orleans Sean Payton revealed Thursday to have been tested positive for the coronavirus, which makes him the first member of the NFL has to be reached.

This is what the 56 year old man revealed to the network ESPN, adding that he has passed his test Monday after experiencing symptoms for the first time on Sunday. Payton received his results on Tuesday.

It has been placed in quarantine at his home. He said he felt fatigue, but is not bothered by the cough or the fever.

“I’m lucky to fall in this minority, without the side effects that some people feel. I am lucky. Most young people feel indestructible, but they can transmit the virus to someone who is at risk. We all need to do our part,” he said to ESPN.

Coach of the Saints since 2006, Payton has led his team to a third conquest in a row the title in the Southern section of the national Association in 2019. Under his command, the team from Louisiana has shown a record of 13-3.

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