COVID-19: a good idea to go back to school, even for less than a month, says a specialist

The back-to-school would be a good thing for the children, and, more particularly, to the smallest, even if only for a few weeks, believes the specialist in education Claudine Potvin.

“First, for smaller, the cut was really drastic, they had to cut the link with their teacher, explained Tuesday Ms. Potvin in an interview to the Quebec Morning. It is very difficult for most young people. For the teachers, too, to reconnect with the young people before the end of classes, it is important.”

Without wishing to enter into the “medical” implications of a return to school, she refers to what is conveyed by the health authorities and current research on the COVID-19.

“I wouldn’t be a microbiologist myself, because this is not my specialty, but […] it was found that children could be carriers and self-immunize them, I believe for a fact that it would be better to go back to school instead of submitting it in September”, pointed out Claudine Potvin.

According to this, push back to the start of classes is literally pushing back the problem. “With the flus that are going to happen [in the fall] specialists will tell you the same… and I do not give much of our partys Christmas in December if you push the situation,” she added.

The specialist believes it is important to consolidate the current year, to close the loop, even if there is no formal assessment.

It is estimated that the resumption of classes may be challenging, particularly for students with learning disabilities. “The teachers are doing a terrific job and will adapt, but it will be a daunting task at the beginning, she added. […] There are students for whom it would be better to repeat the year.”

Claudine Potvin is, however, reassuring: “we’re going to get out of this is that a few months in a lifetime”.


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