COVID-19: “a human tragedy of unthinkable” in retirement homes

COVID-19: « une tragédie humaine inimaginable » dans les maisons de retraite

The destruction caused by the coronavirus in the retirement homes, which represent up to half of all deaths in some european countries, are a “human tragedy of unthinkable,” said Thursday the director for Europe of the WHO.

In these schools, which it wants to see the operation change, the situation is “deeply worrying,” said Hans Kluge, during a virtual press conference organized in Copenhagen, the seat of the branch in Europe of the world health Organization (WHO).

According to preliminary calculations of the institution, ” up to half of the deaths of the COVID-19 were residents of institutions for long-term care “, he said.

Thus, the 13 April, of the 444 deaths recorded in Ireland, 55,2% had been in this type of establishments. At 15 April, France reported that 49.4 per cent of the dead were residing in long-term care facilities, according to figures released by the WHO in the AFP.

For Mr. Kluge, “there is an immediate and urgent need to rethink and to adapt the operation” of these institutions in the face of the epidemic.

It is, in particular, to prioritize the testing, to well equip the caregivers, and to organize special units to patients of the COVID-19, even before the onset of the first case.

Because, he pointed out, ” even in the very elderly who are frail and live with multiple chronic diseases, many of which have good chances of recovery if they are well cared for “.

Nearly half of the reported cases of the COVID-19 in the world have been registered in the WHO Europe region, which stretches from the Atlantic to the Pacific and includes 53 countries as disparate as Russia and Andorra. 110 000 people have died.

The u. n. agency is concerned about an increase in cases in the eastern part of its area, notably in Russia, Turkey and Ukraine.

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