COVID-19: A market of shrimp of Wuhan could be the “patient zero”

COVID-19: Une marchande de crevettes de Wuhan pourrait être «le patient zéro»

Several tracks in the search for “patient zero” of the pandemic COVID-19 point to a market of shrimp from the seafood market of Wuhan, China.

According to information reported by several media across the world, this shopping area has been identified as one of the first people who received a positive diagnosis for the coronavirus.

This woman is 57-year-old, named Wei Guixian, was the first person to contract the virus in the now infamous market of Wuhan, according to the Wall Street Journal.

She was working last December 10 when she began to feel the first symptoms of what she believed to be a flu. She went to a small local clinic before returning to work.

“I felt a little tired, but not as much as the previous years”, she told in an interview to the chinese newspaper The Paper, which has been taken up by The New York Post. “Every winter, I have the flu. So I thought that was it.”

She went to another clinic the next day, where she received an injection. Seeing that his condition was worsening, she went to the Eleventh Hospital in Wuhan.

“The doctor at the Eleventh Hospital did not understand what I had and gave me pills. It didn’t work, continued Wei. I always felt wrong and uncomfortable. I had no more strength or energy.”

From bad to worse

On 16 December, Wei Guixian went to Wuhan Union Hospital, one of the largest hospitals in the city, to have another medical opinion.

A doctor informed her that other traders in the same market had also consulted for the same symptoms. He described his illness, then unknown, as “no mercy”.

Her condition continued to deteriorate and, two days after his arrival at the Wuhan Union Hospital, Wei was barely aware of it. At the end of the month, she was in quarantine when the doctors have made the link between the virus and the seafood market in Wuhan, as indicated in The Paper.

On 31 December, the municipal Commission of health of Wuhan announced that the first 27 patients diagnosed at the COVID-19, part of which was Wei Guixian, 24 were directly related to the seafood market in Wuhan.

Wei has finally healed and left the hospital in January. She believes that she has been infected in one of the toilets in the market that it shared with other traders, she told the Wall Street Journal in February.

The merchants who worked in the neighboring booths Wei, as well as his daughters and other relatives, have also been contaminated.

“Many fewer people would have died in the country if the government had acted more quickly,” said Wei at the american journal.

Since the beginning of the epidemic COVID-19, almost 82 000 people have been infected in China and more than 3,000 died.

According to the latest balance sheets, 650 924 cases have been confirmed across the world and 30 of 303 people died.

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